Animation and Game development for the younger generations


Introduction to coding. Block based drag and drop codes


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Rajasekharan A H
Schedule: 1.5 hour per day for 15 days

4 Topics | 30 hours
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

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What you'll learn

  • Coding commands used for graphical representation of objects .

  • Motion Statements, Look statements, Control statements,

  • If loop , If else loop, forever, repeat

  • Sensing commands, adding variables Operators and applying logic statements

Who can learn

Kids who can operate Computer / Mouse / Keyboard.

Industry relevance and need

Game development and animation domains are ruling the entertainment industry worldwide. The career opportunities in these fields are immense. It would be excellent if kids could explore coding at a very early stage. The modules of this course will give the young kids an opportunity to expand their horizons through exploration of Coding, and encourage them to be our future scientists, engineers, makers and inventors.

Skills to be acquired

  • Provides highly practical hands-on experience on coding.

  • Helps to excel in math and science and choose a career in science and technology

  • Prepares your student for the fast-paced competitive world

  • Enables learner to develop and express creativity

  • Develops critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies

  • Gives a head-start in preparing for the core coding languages like C, Python etc.


A PC/Laptop having at least 4 GB of Ram and 1.6 GHz i5 processor, an Android phone (necessary if the RAM of the PC/Laptop is 4GB), a stable internet connection with good speed.

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Rajasekharan A H

Founder & Global Director at STEM Robotics Internationals 

Rajasekharan is the Global Director of STEM Robotics Academy. He is specialized in electronics and robotics platforms.


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