The Art of Doodling

Creative Arts

Can you never find the right words to say what you feel? Would you rather show them than tell them? Doodle your way through life with Anina Jacob! Gain a new perspective and learn visual communication from the expert!

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Anina Jacob
Schedule: 1.45 hour per day for 4 days
5 Modules  |  7 hours


Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

What you’ll learn

  • Gain an all new perspective to Doodling

  • Earn a new form of expression that has an immense impact on your mind! (Helps you focus, express yourself clearly, retain information and learn quickly)

  • Walk away with a new effortlessly satisfying hobby!

Who can learn

Come as you are. But carry some sheets of paper, black ink pen/sketch pen/marker (of varying thickness preferably), pencil and eraser.

A downloadable and printable version of a workbook will be available once you register.


Industry relevance and need 

  • Visual Literacy is a need-of-the-hour life skill as we shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge and experience based economy. We need adults who are visually literate (not just educated) to address the challenges of the future.

  • Lack of exposure to visual communication methods cripple our innate capabilities like higher levels of problem solving, communication, information retention, gathering insights, and exploring new levels of our intelligence.

Skills to be acquired 

  • Basics of Doodling

  • Basics in Application of Doodling in Visual Notetaking / Journaling

  • Concentration Skills

  • Non-verbal Communication Skills

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Anina Jacob

Art Director

Freelance Illustrator, Cartoonist, Lifestyle Content Creator, and the Founder/Creator of The Doodleholic Merchandise.

An Architect by professional training, but a designer at heart with the drive to create and learn more. She is the Co-founder and Creative Director at Olam Festival. She was an Art Director at Happy Mcgarrybowen and the Digital Media Programming Manager at Toonz.


Course Curriculum

Module 1
Introduction to Doodling • Introduction to doodling • Demystify myths about drawing • Understand the many possibilities of doodling • Reconnect with your inner creative child • Practice included
Module 2
• Recap • Introduction to the Doodle Alphabets • The Doodle Vocabulary • How to Create Patterns • Practice included
Module 3
• Recap • How to Doodle Objects • Doodle characters and expressions • Practice included
Module 4
• Recap • Doodle words/text • Doodle containers • Practice included
Module 5
• Structuring/Layout of a Doodle • Practice included • Taking Inspiration from the world around, Tips on how and to Apply them (Introduction to doodle journaling, visual notetaking)