Blooming Ideas—Building a Creative Mind!


With doodling as your superpower, solve mind-boggling problems, generate out-of-the-world ideas, brainstorm while you relax in the process, work, and enjoy every step of the way!

Learn with Sreedevi Pillai how doodling makes life fun and easy!



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Sreedevi Pillai
Schedule: 1.45 hour per day for 5 days

4 Modules | 9 hours

Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you'll learn

  • Learn to doodle through your life

  • Apply doodling to solve complex problems

  • Master doodling techniques

  • Become the Yoda of brainstorming

  • Lay the foundation for innovation

  • Learn to materialize what you visualize

  • Take communication to another level

Who can learn

A knowledge over the basic geometrical shapes and a touch of imagination, and you are good to go!

Industry relevance and need

Conceptual art of abstract and spontaneous nature dominates doodling. The spontaneity of thoughts is transpired as visual representations. Art has applications beyond its lines and colours.

The animation and cartooning industry have exponentially gained fame and success over the years. Artists from around the world have given life to characters from Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Pixar animation movies. Animation and design dominate every aspect of our life, from the icons on our mobile phones to the design on websites.

Animators, illustrators, artists, and designers are individuals that have developed the ability to materialize the ideas in the form of cartoons, sketches, doodles, or drawings. With the advancement in technology, they can explore many more dimensions than before.

The potential of doodling expands beyond the creative sector as the vital need for innovation conquers every industry. Additionally, it increases concentration, creativity, and memory while reducing stress.

The world is evolving with each passing day. Industries are looking for driven individuals with the ability to identify complex problems and provide creative solutions. Focused young minds are the need of the hour. Attain the ability to solve problems and stay focused. Introduce doodling to your life and experience the change.

Skills to be acquired

  • Concentration skills

  • Analytical and observational skills

  • Visualization and conceptualization

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Non-verbal communication skills

  • Lateral thinking and brainstorming

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Grab a sheet of paper, pens, and colours!

Course Delivered by


Sreedevi Pillai

Doodle Expert and Soft Skills Trainer

After 20 years of experience as an IT professional, Sreedevi Pillai is an expert trainer of technical skills and soft skills. Over the years, she has realized that her art of doodling has hidden potential to expand the creative and innovative side of employees. She was a doodle-holic all her life, and now she shares her knowledge and mastery of combing doodling with work to the world.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Doodling introduction, Techniques and styles
Module 2
Zen doodling
Module 3
Warli art
Module 4
Textual doodling and graffiti