Create Your Game with Unity 3D


Have you ever wondered how the games on your phone or your computer might have been built? Have you ever thought how easy it could be to actually make a game of your own?

Now, don’t just be a gamer, be a game creator! Learn how to create your own game with Unity 3D!


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Madhav M Nair & Abhiram A
Schedule: 1.45 hours fo 11 sessions

5 topics | 19.25 hours

Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

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What you'll learn

  • Learn game development in Unity 3D from scratch

  • Understand basic programming in C

  • Develop your own game

  • Master lighting and level design

  • Create 3D models of your ideas

  • For creators, animators, and designers, boost your skill with Unity 3D

Who can learn

  • Anyone with a keen interest in games development, fun interactive applications or storytelling who wish to see their ideas in action will enjoy this course.

  • A basic understanding of a programming language (preferably C#) would be ideal, but not necessary, as the basics would be covered in the course.

  • This course would benefit 3D artists, animators and designers

Industry relevance and need

  • Market size: $160 Billion (Game industry)

  • The Game Industry is exponentially growing and Game Engines have gone far beyond just making games. The growth rate of game developers and AR/VR engineers have never been higher.

  • Learning a game engine makes you capable of making any kind of application across any platform. Almost all Augmented and Virtual Reality applications are made using game engines.

  • Job opportunities for Game Developers are prevalent in the Game industry while there is a spiking demand in the IT Industry as well.

  • Top companies: Epic Games, Rockstar Games, EA Sports, Unity3D, Xentrix studios, and MPC

  • Companies hiring game devs in Kerala: EY, Nissan, UST Global, Toonz Animation, InApp, and several startup firms.

  • Once you have acquired the skill and gain enough experience, you would be able to work for the following domains :

  1. Game Development

  2. XR ( AR, VR, MR )

  3. Architecture Visualization

  4. 3D Real-Time Simulations

  5. Virtual Training

  6. Film and Animation

Skills to be acquired

  • Basic level game development skills

  • Use of 3D models

  • Ability to identify and apply lighting

  • Level designing

  • Basic C# scripting

  • Basic game programming

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An Interest for art, programming or games. It would be easier for applicants with pre-programming experience. However, the basics will be taught in the course so don’t worry if you are just a beginner.

*Laptop with the latest version of Unity3D installed

Ideal Minimum Requirements:
i5 or equivalent Processor
2GB Graphics"

Course Delivered by


Madhav M Nair

Co-Founder, Head of Design at Odyn Reality

The Mentor of Facebook School of Innovation and The Community leader-Unity.
He is a Unity Certified Developer, Interaction Designer & XR Developer.


Abhiram A

Technical Officer at KSUM

Co-Founder at Odyn Reality
Passionate game developed specializing in Augmented and Virtual Reality.
He has extensive experience in VR Architectural Visualizations, VR Interactive Narratives, AR Visualizations, and AR Games.

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