• Can I access the space anytime?

    • Of course! You can come to B-Hub at any time of the week and access the workspace and coffee shop.


  • What will I do if I exhaust the space allotted for me in a month?

    • If you exhaust your monthly quota of access to space, you may top up the space by paying Rs 100/- for one hour or Rs 500/- for 10 hours.


  • Will I be notified about the networking and learning activities that happen at B-Hub?           

    • Absolutely! You will be notified with the happenings in B-Hub. You will also get to know about the happenings through our website and facebook page


  • How can I make a payment for the membership?

    • You can make the payments for your membership by the following methods

      • You can make online payment by clicking here<br>

      • You can make the payment by cash/card at the B-Hub Front Desk.

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