Getting Started in Cyber Security for Students and Professionals

This course covers the different aspects of cyber security, professional hacking and methodologies. This training path concentrates more on hands-on-lab sessions of attack scenarios rather than focusing on only theoretical part.


(40% off) ₹12,000

To be scheduled based on demand. Sign up here if you are interested in this course.

Abhijith B R
Schedule: 2 hours per day for 15 days
30 hours of training | 12 hours of lab exam

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Medium : English and Malayalam

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

What you'll learn

  • Cyber security methodologies

  • Application security assessment, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

  • Cyber defense systems 

  • Online labs and CTF platforms

  • Performing application security assessment, Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessment.

  • Offensive and Defensive cyber security methodologies and Cyber defense systems.

  • Train with Dedicated online labs and CTF platform.

Who can learn

Anyone who is interested in cyber security and professional hacking, college students and professionals with a basic understanding of networks and operating systems

Industry relevance and need

Keeping a good cyber security posture is essential for organizations, and organizations are seeking security professionals (Security analysts, cyber defense analyst, penetration testers etc.) who are well trained. Almost every industry is starting their own security teams to secure their digital assets. This training session would give you a clear introduction to the information security industry.

Skills to be acquired

  • Good understanding of various topics in cyber security and methodologies

  • Practical knowledge in application security assessment, penetration testing, and a wide set of attack vectors along with cyber defense systems.



A Windows or Linux desktop/laptop with decent configuration, a stable internet connection. It is better to have VMWare player or VirtualBox preinstalled.


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Red Team Village

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Red Team Village, Bloombloom

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Experienced Cyber Security Professional

Abhijith has nearly 10 years of experience in the Information and Cyber Security domain. Formerly the Deputy Manager - Cyber Security at Nissan Digital India, previously employed with EY as a Senior security analyst.


He is a professional Penetration tester, security researcher, trainer and public speaker; mostly researches in intelligent automation of penetration testing, red teaming, adversarial attack simulation tactics and real-life corporate infrastructure CTF scenarios.


Abhijith is the founder of Red Team Village, a red teaming community which actively organizes hacking villages and CTF competitions in security conferences, also acts as the Lead Organizer of DEF CON Group Trivandrum. He has spoken at various cyber security conferences such as BSides, c0c0n, OWASP seasides, Opensource India, Nullcon etc.


Course Curriculum

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