History and Overview of Logistics


Learn about logistics, the domain which keeps the world together.


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Sujit Varma
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What you'll learn

​This course will familiarise you with the Science which keeps everything moving – The Science of Logistics. This course will help in understanding the perpetual SUPPLY CHAIN which keeps human life fed, clothed and entertained. Through this course, you will learn that it is not BRANDS who compete in the market – it is the SUPPLY CHAINS who compete and win. Lets learn on what it takes for a Supply Chain to Win in the market.

Who can learn

School Students, College Students, Professionals, homemakers, retired people, people looking for a career change, adventurous people

Industry relevance and need

There are a few domains in this world that go unnoticed by many in their daily life. Logistics is one such domain. We as customers tend to overlook the process and efforts taken to keep the commodity inflow and the demand supply chain. Logisticians are the unseen unsung heros who keep moving the cargo from the point of production to the point of consumption; and maintain the world from chaos.

Skills to be acquired

Confidence, self awareness, self motivation, focus, power of words, clarity of thought and outcomes, nonverbal cues of communication and enhanced emotional intelligence.

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Sujit Varma

Experienced Cyber Security Professional

Sujit Varma is the Founder and CEO of Sellogs Academy of Logistics Science. Sujith has been working for the past 3 decades in various functional areas of Logistics - Sales, Solution Design, Operations, IT solutions for Freight & warehousing. He is in the Leadership level in Logistics organizations for 2 decades and has been the Solution Engineering Consultant for the Logistics sector.

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