Intro to Azure DevOps

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Want a boost to your career? Learn DevOps and Microsoft Azure to enhance your employability quotient.



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Jomcy Pappachen
Schedule: 2 hours per day for 10 days
7 Modules (20 hours)
8 AM to 10 AM
Level: Beginner
Medium: English and Malyalam

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What you’ll learn

  • Overview of DevOps and its Enterprise Implementation

  • Overview of DevOps methodologies and tools

  • Knowledge of Agile software development life cycle works (SDLC)

  • Familiarity with source control and versioning and tools like GitHub & Azure Git

  • Experience with building tools

  • Containerization concepts and tools like Docker

  • Understanding about infrastructure as code

  • Troubleshooting skills


  • Computer with the software installed

  • Basic programming 


Industry relevance and need 


DevOps is becoming the standard way of working for businesses. Demand to adapt DevOps within the organization is increasing on a larger scale due to its agile nature, and businesses are trending towards it. 


Who can learn


Future IT Engineers, Anyone seeking an understanding of Cloud Computing and DevOps concepts and practices in the IT Industry,Graduates looking to build a career in Cloud Computing and Automation Technologies . Anyone who is curious about to know the building blocks of Digital Transformation.

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Jomcy Pappachen

Solution Architect: Cloud/Devops

Jomcy Pappachen is a Solution Architect (Cloud, DevOps & IOT ) having 13+ years experience in leading digital transformation of multinational clients across Europe, ANZ, US and India. He was also the Project Manager at Bosch and the Technical Project Manager at Infosys. Jomcy is an innovative professional with a strong drive towards applying new tools and technologies to drive the transformation and continuous Improvement for a better Customer experience.



Course Curriculum

Module 1
What is DevOps? • Tracking your team's work with Azure Boards • Using dashboards, boards, backlogs, and sprints
Module 2
Azure Repo • Building a code repository in Azure Repos • Building pull requests • Creating a code pipeline
Module 3
Extending Azure DevOps • Build and Release Pipelines • Sample Java CICD Implementation Release pipelines
Module 4
Azure environments Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and ARM templates Deploying to Azure App Services Sample .Net CICD implementation
Module 5
Installing and configuring agents Running CI builds Creating a CD release pipeline CI/CD in action with self-hosted agents in Azure
Module 6
Creating Azure DevOps projects and teams Working with Azure Repos Connecting to an Azure project Syncing changes with a remote repository Planning projects with Azure Boards Creating and filtering work items Using Azure Pipelines to Publish existing web apps to App Service and Pipelines
Module 7
End to End CICD Implementation Demo with Dot Net application