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Learning Sessions
B-Camp Online -II
Remote Working, The Right Way
Mentor Clinic
Augmenting Business through Storytelling
Understanding IPR - Patent and Trademark
Virtual Reality for Teens
Malayalam Calligraphy Workshop
BIM and ERA of Digital Construction
Work + Life Balance
GDG : Cloud Study Jam
Step up your game with LinkedIn
B-hub Mentor Clinic
Craft your Stage
Artificial intelligence (AI) for Teens
Trivandrum TechCon2020
Let's Learn through Storytelling
LinkedIn Local Trivandrum: Digital Marketing Meet
B-hub Mentor Clinic
Rethink Branding?
Craft your Stage
Drum with Soumya Sanathanan
End of Jobs?
Digital Marketing Simplified
Know your Intellectual Property Rights
Recent Trends in Recruitment
B-HUB Mentor Clinic
Lights, Camera, Conversation
Beginners Guide to Dialogflow
Malayalam Calligraphy Workshop
Entering into Scandinavian Market
Workshop on Deep Dive into Flutter
Future of Work - On a Lighter Note with Raju Chithambaram
Vagmi: Public Speaking Workshop
B-hub Job Expo 2019
LinkedIn Local Trivandrum 1.0
B-HUB Mentor Clinic
Photography Boot Camp
Vijay Vijayashankar: When in Trivandrum
Google AI | Explore ML- Beginner Track
Deep Dive into Microsoft Team
iTalk Presents: KALPANA
Entrepreneurial DNA : Bring Entrepreneurial mindset within your Organization
Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive(EAD) and Local Startups’ Meet(LSM)
Weaving Business through Storytelling
Craft your stage
Fine Art Photography: An Introductory workshop by PMIK Canvas
B-HUB Mentor Clinic
Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2019
Learn Azure's Cognitive Services with Real-Time Projects
iTalk: One Day Workshop on Public Speaking
.NET Conf 2019 Watch Party
Craft your Stage
4x your Sales
The Wow Factor fashion Workshop
B-HUB Mentor Clinic
Wiz-Talk with Sreeraman MG
Careers in Media, Film Making & Entertainment Industry
Google #IamRemarkable
The Unseen Angle of Photography
Beginner's Introduction to Musical Instruments Series: UKULELE
Facebook: Build Day Trivandrum 2019
Mamta Mohandas, When in Trivandrum
Kotlin/Everywhere by GDG
Craft your stage
Blended Learning: Front End Development edx Microsoft
Her Trivandrum- Meet & Greet
Enhance Your Personal Brand With Fashion
Fine Art Photography: An Introductory workshop
Nithya, When in Trivandrum
ICT Academy : BOT Day
B-hub Mentor Clinic
Bian Li, When in Trivandrum
Innovative Problem Solving Workshop
UI vs UX- Busting Myths
Good Touch, Bad Touch
Flutter Study Jam
B-HUB Internship Expo 2019
How to write your Dream Book
Trivandrum Social Meetup - Revive Vellayani
UX Design Process - Understanding User Problem
Craft your Stage
Blended Learning on Design Thinking: UX and Advanced Topic
Blended Learning on: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
Going Viral: The Art of Making your Voice Heard
Stronger Together
Let’s Shoot 3.0
Coding Unplugged for Kids
Beginner’s Introduction to Musical Instruments Series : UKULELE
iTalk - Acting Workshop by Pooja Mohanraj
Unlearn SEO 2019
B-HUB Mentor Clinic
Graphic Design 101 Using Adobe Photoshop
NLP Decision making Strategy workshop
MindSwitch’19- Switch on your Dreams
Crypto and Compassion
Craft your Stage
Kaggle Day
Get The best out of Sketch Up
Meetup Cafe
International Yoga Day
Friday Talks- “Business Valuation"
Design & Prototype your Next App with Adobe Xd
Big Data from Space
iTalk Cafe: Where Ideas Meet
Women Entrepreneurship Conclave
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Launch - Trivandrum
Coffee with Krishnan Kartha
Craft your Stage
DevOps Implementation Workshop: A Hands-on on Build and Code Deployment Automation using Azure DevOps
B-Hub Mentor Clinic
Junior Pilot
Kerala Product Hunt Meetup
Supreme Graphics Design & Creative Resume
iTalk: Leadership Development Programme
Meetup Cafe
The Gateway to Neuro Linguistic Programming
Basics of UX/UI
Facebook F8 2019 Meetup
iTalk: One Day Workshop on Public Speaking
TechStars Startup Weekend
Microsoft Build Community Events - Thiruvananthapuram
Artificial Intelligence for Teens
Wiz-Talk with Dr. Chiranjiv Roy
B-Hub Mentor Clinic
Master Class Speaker : One Day Workshop on Public Speaking
The Emerald- Unveil the Evergreen Woman in You
Beginner’s Introduction to Musical Instruments Series : UKULELE
AUTOCAD 2020 Product Launch
Global Azure BootCamp 2019 - Trivandrum
Impulse V2.0
Seminar on Handwriting Analysis - Graphology
Coding Unplugged
Crack your Interview using Storytelling
One Day Training Workshop on Work Life Balance And Healing
Storytelling and Story Mapping Workshop for Children by Smitha Jacob
Top Ten Mistakes in Videogame Production
Wiz-Talk with Mahesh VC
B-hub Mentor Clinic for Women on Career Break
Google Women's Day
Craft your Stage
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Meetup Cafe
Friday Talks -"Designing Financial Budget"
The Art of Speech
Google Cloud ML Study Jam
MS Project Workshop
B-hub Internship / Job Expo
Google Cloud Jam
The Discovher Summit
Trivandrum Raspberry Jam
B-hub Mentor Clinic
Technical Talk on Building Information Modeling ( BIM)
IOT-A TOOL For Connect-Communicate-Compute
Craft your Stage
Trivandrum Social Meetup
Let’s Shoot by Parthan Mohan and Sunil Ibrahim
Azure DevOps Day 2019 - Trivandrum by MobConf
WordPress Security & Backup - Discussions and Demo
Excel Mastery Workshop
B-hub Mentor Clinic
Career 4.0
AI Meetup with Dr Chiranjiv Roy , VP Data Science & AI, Nissan Digital @ Nissan Motor Corporation
Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC)
Meetup Café -Trivandrum Jan Edition
Kitchen Trivandrum January Edition powered by Federal Bank
Craft your Stage
The Secret to Winning Customers through the Art of Storytelling by Smitha Jacob
IBM Workshop to Build a Predictive Machine Learning Model
Microsoft Connect() 2018 Local – Trivandrum
Devie, When in Trivandrum