Learning Python from scratch


Python is the very versatile, object-oriented programming language. Once you complete this basic course, you can opt for other specialized courses like in web development,

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Santhosh V Pillai
Schedule: 2 hour per day for 11 days
32 Projects (21 hours)


Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you’ll learn

  • The proposed course typically covers problem solving, logical reasoning, algorithm design, and programming constructs with minimum emphasis or no emphasis on syntax 

  • Teaches computer science besides computer programming(both are different)

  • Teaches fundamental programming concepts like flow chart,control statements,object oriented class, events, event handling, functions, conditional statements, repetition, lists, recursive repetition and more.

  • No frustrated syntax errors.

  • Idea of data and objects solidified through visual blocks.

  • The specially designed application(makblocks)helps you to learn programming syntax from visual blocks.So you will love programming.

  • Once you completed this program,you will master all the basic python concepts and codes.You can easily upgrade to data analytics,web development,IoT,ML,AI,Computer vision,robotics,embedded development etc.This course gives you a strong foundation for pursuing a career in all these domains which have wide applications of python programming.

  • Programming languages may be different,but programming concepts are same to all languages.Your logical thinking and computational thinking skills will improved with this course.So you can learn any programming languages like java,c++ etc easily with the skills acquired from our course.This course gives you a strong foundation to learn any other programming languages.

Who can learn

Anyone with a basic understanding of Computer Programming. And school students who have completed the first course 'Learning programming through games

Industry relevance and need 

  • Python is the very versatile, object-oriented programming language used by startups and tech giants, Google, Facebook, Dropbox and IBM.

  • Python is also recommended for aspiring young developers who are interested in pursuing careers in Security, Networking and Internet-of-Things, embedded development,robotics,data analytics,machine learning, deep learning,computer vision,designing smart devices and vehicles etc. Once you complete this basic course, you can opt for other specialised courses like in web development, data analytics, machine learning, embedded programming, Robotics, IoT etc.

Skills to be acquired 

Understanding of Python programming concepts



A system with Python 3 installed.
(You can install the latest version of Python from python.org at free of cost)


Co-Created by

Maklab Innovations

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Course Delivered by

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Santhosh V Pillai

CEO and Co-Founder of Maklab Innovations

Santhosh V Pillai is the CEO and co-founder of Maklab Innovations. An engineer, entrepreneur and educator, working in the field of embedded technology and education since 2011. Passionate about implementing computational thinking and upcoming technologies in the current education scenario. Specialist in computational thinking, Embedded designing, FOSS and IOT. Currently researching on STEM education through gamification concepts.


Course Curriculum

Project 1
Data collection system – Input Output, Variables, Concatenation
Project 2
Maximum of numbers – Conditional selection statements, Comparison operator
Project 3
Rectangle area – Arithmetic operator
Project 4
Simple calculator – Logical operator, nested if
Project 5
Rock paper scissor -Random module
Project 6
Income calculation – For loop
Project 7
Fizzbuzz – Modular operation
Project 8
Bday song Time -Time module
Project 9
Speed and energy -While loop
Project 10
Vehicle speed check -Functions
Project 11
Even or odd -Function return
Project 12
Id check-List
Project 13
Advanced id check -List append
Project 14
Age calculation
Project 15
List splitting
Project 16
Slicing-Slicing operations, List reversal
Project 17
Palindrome -String reversal
Project 18
String updation
Project 19
Tuple creation -Tuple
Project 20
Tuple conversion – List to tuple
Project 21
Set familiarisation – Set operations
Project 22
Phone dictionary -Dictionary, Membership operator
Project 23
Dictionary creation
Project 24
Class student – Class,object
Project 25
Class employee
Project 26
Class person -Class constructor
Project 27
Class area
Project 28
Module area – Module creation ,importing
Project 29
Module mobile
Project 30
File handling -Creation, reading, writing, appending of files
Project 31
Exception handling -try, except
Project 32
CSV file handling -reading, writing csv files