The Joyful World of Crafts: Paper Craft and Origami


A single sheet of paper can create a world of beautiful things. Learn how to transform paper to animals and birds. Brighten your life with colourful paper crafts and a little bit of fun.


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Tiju Thomas Thumpamon
Schedule: 1.45 hours per day for 8 days

Paper Craft and Origami | 14 hours

Level: All

Medium : English and Malayalam

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

Paper Craft and Origami.jpg

What you'll learn

  • Learn to make bags, wallets, envelops, and so much more using paper

  • Recycle and reuse newspaper

  • Get in touch with the Japanese culture with Origami

  • Make animals and birds from scratch with colour paper

  • Learn to visualize and create your ideas!

Who can learn

School Students

Skills to be acquired

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Sequencing Skills

  • Concentration and Focus

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Retention and Memory

  • Artistic Capabilities


Colour paper, glue, pens, and crayons

Curated by 


Course Delivered by


Professional Artist

Founder of the Indian School of Acting and Anchoring (ISAA) and Castalia Activity Centre in Trivandrum. A professional artist and TV personality in Arts & Crafts.