Career Guidance for the Future: What Should Our Children Learn?

The majority of working class are discontent with what they do for a living. This occurs due to the mistakes made while making career choices. Career guidance and counseling programs are imposed more on children on or after the final year in school. This rarely helps them in figuring out their exact job interests. The sole solution to this problem is creating awareness in kids from a young age. Providing classes, workshops, and focus groups in various fields would establish a learning ground based on the interests of children. These types of programs also create awareness among teachers so that they are more prone to nurture the latent interests and skills in children, thereby being able to support students' career exploration and post secondary-educational opportunities.

Focus should be given to develop the hard as well as the soft skills in children. The scope of the career expansion that can be made in the arts and other non technical sectors should also be given due importance. For example, just like children are pushed into the cliche variety of engineering technology because that will help them earn more, they should be encouraged to pursue gaming, by educating them about the scope of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality in gaming technology.

By the time children choose their career path, they will have a few years ahead of them to follow their interests and learn more about the latest technologies in that particular field. This helps them gain an insight into the career they want to pursue. More about the career sector can be learned by joining an internship program or attending various workshops and focus groups. This could also give them an option to skip jobs if the chosen one is not meant for them, thus avoiding dissatisfaction in the future.

Developing traits like empathy, team building, social skills, etc, should be given importance and children should be trained in being self sufficient. They should be encouraged to give back to the society by sharing their knowledge and experience as this will not only let them learn more and earn more, it will also give them a sense of satisfaction and peace that cannot be acquired through material gain.

In a world that is rapidly moving towards mechanization and automation where robots will soon replace pretty much all repetitive tasks, humanistic traits that lead to enriching the mental and physiological aspects will be in demand. An engaging UX, a painting with a deep message, or a soulful rendition of music cannot be developed by a machine that does not understand or relate to the human psyche. And to ensure that the adults of tomorrow are compassionate and skilled enough to take care of the world they will live in, the children of today have to be raised diligently; they should be brought up to live a peaceful and happy life, rather than one in which they get stuck in a rat race, always on the lookout for the next best thing.

Here is something to ponder about: should our kids simply learn and earn well or live and give well?

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