From the Founder's Desk

The curveball thrown by the Corona Virus or Covid-19 has uprooted the lives of people from all walks of life, with most left clueless about handling the situation. Everyone is advised to stay home to prevent further spreading and loss of lives, and the "Stay at Home" mantra can be seen popping up frequently on our social media feed. While it is an easy mantra to chant, and seemingly simple to implement ( I mean, you just have to stay at home, what is the big deal, right? ), it can be all the more challenging for much longer durations, like the 21 day lockdown period our country is facing, just like many other nations worldwide. This major move calls for a drastic lifestyle change in most households, especially when it comes to taking care of children, managing office work, following hygiene protocols, getting food supplies and so forth. The need of the hour is to stay calm and cautious, while remembering life should go on, even after this lockdown situation, even after Corona subsides. So rather than putting life on hold or abandoning usual routines, let us make the most out of it by being self-motivated, productive and creative - for the sake of crucial aspects like our mental health, family stability, and future goals and aspirations. B-HUB is partnering with esteemed organizations like IMA, Swasthi Foundation, Trivandrum Corporation, Kerala Police Officers Association, Technopark Today etc, to further strengthen the initiative of helping people continue with their lives in the best way possible; and for children to stay engaged and active during the coming days. We take this opportunity to reach out to you and to support you in every way we can. We are #InThisTogether and #WeWillOvercome. #covid_19 #coronavirus #staysafe #stayhome #bhubglobal