From Thoughts to Dreemz

B-HUB | Bloombloom: The Dream Ecosystem

An entrepreneur, a comic-making duo, and a tech firm. Three sets of people who decide to embark on a journey and make dreams into reality, together.

Let us jump in and see how it all began!

When Shias Abdul, an expatriate who spent two decades in Dubai shifted back home in 2018, he knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. With his experience in the IT industry, he had a vision to create an enterprise product to facilitate a new, fun and creative mode of communication. To execute the vision, he started looking for a small co-working space in Trivandrum. His hunt for such a space took him to B-HUB, and he knew that this beautiful campus suited his needs perfectly. Seeing a long list of companies from a multitude of industries already working in the aesthetically designed space, he decided to take a tour of the place, curious to know more.

Exploring B-HUB, he was introduced to Pava Creative Studios, a company that specializes in creating quality comics for the worldwide audience in a unique way. Shias had already been thinking about out of the box ways in which thoughts could be communicated. Talking to the dynamic duo Deepak S Raj and Manu KS from Pava, the idea began to take shape. Further networking within B-HUB led to Shias meeting Rahul Raj from Deienami. Together they built a team to execute the technical aspects of this idea which was coming closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Fast forward - Dreemz, an app which enables its users to express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions creatively through comics. The app offers pre-designed characters that represent a lot of expressions and emotions, a multitude of backgrounds to choose from, and a very quick and easy way to create a comic in under four minutes. It is a gift to those who want to transform their “in the moment” ideas into a reality on the go.

The creative app enables stories to be shared. It’s for schools to teach children through the power of visualisation! Marketing collaterals, fun comics, stories, reviews, and pretty much any content the users want to convey to their audience can be shaped using this cool new app. Dreemz has evolved into a social media platform for sharing stories and networking. A place where creativity is the driving force behind communication.

The team established as a start-up named Dreemzrock Ventures Pvt Ltd within the B-HUB ecosystem, and is run by Shias Abdul and his partner Wilfred Thomson. The app got listed in the Google Playstore in June 2020 and already has more than five hundred users. Have a story you want to tell the world? Click here to download Dreemz!

If you are looking for a space to nurture a seed of an idea you have, walk right into B-HUB. We help build dreams. Quite literally.

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