Manage your fear of failure

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

It is human nature to feel fear. When fear grips you, you resist moving forward. You become immobilized. It is natural for you to fear moving forward or accepting challenges.

What we don't realize in this process, is the fact that, we lose opportunities. Losing opportunities results in you being in a stagnant position. You don't move forward nor do you move backwards.

There are many reasons that affect the confidence of a person; that makes him question if he will be successful. One of the most common reason for a person to fear accepting challenges may be unsupportive society/social pressures. When you hear a negative remark from your society/social pressures , you naturally think of yourself as a failure; a good for nothing!

Another reason maybe a traumatic past experience. You might have gone through an experience which didn't go as you planned. The embarrassment that you faced is stuck with you, making you afraid to take up risks or even the simple task of addressing a group of people makes you wobbly.

A kind of a pattern is formed within you when you fear failure. You stop thinking in a positive way. Everything you do makes you think that you’ll fail. you become reluctant to try new things. You stay in your safety net by doing things that you know you can succeed in. You obstruct yourself by considering yourself an unsuccessful person. Fear of failing affects you confidence.

We need to understand that failing in something doesn't mean the end of the world. Not moving from your past experience and pushing yourself forward results in you losing many wonderful opportunities that will help spread your wings. Each an every failure that you go through teaches you new things. Every failure is a lesson learnt. You learn from your failure and move towards your goal.

Remember that your more than what you consider yourself to be. Your here to reach your destiny, your goal . Everyone's approach to failure is different. While someone forces themselves to move forward , another might stop himself from achieving his dreams.

Do not fear failure! This is easier said than done! You may not be able to change your outlook in just one night. As the famous saying goes, Rome was not built in one day! Take one step at a time. Recognize your fears. Face them with a positive attitude. The more negativity you associate with failure , the more negativity you bring into you ,which will hinder you from achieving your goals.

Arun P Raj, (Lead Growth Strategist at Bloombloom) says that in order to manage your fears, you need to remember your aspirations and your goal. Fix your mindset and decide this is what you want and go for it! When the hands of fear grip Arun, he turns to reading self help books or talking to people , who he knows will encourage him to push past his fears and take up the risks.

For Swathi (Lead Growth Enabler at B-Hub) , the fear of losing the opportunity was bigger than the fear of failure. When she realized she wouldn’t get the opportunity again, she pushed her limits and succeeded in her feat!

To build a positive mindset, its key to face a lot of challenges. The bulb was invented after 1000s of failures. It's the thought of trying again that should built within yourselves. The best way to do this is by participating in as many challenges as possible. The future needs people who are ready to take up risks and challenges and are ready to face.

When you find new opportunities, instead of being afraid, visualize the positive outcomes if you actually did it. But let's not get carried away!! Everything has a positive and a negative outcome. You may succeed or you may fail. Both your success and your failures have to be your lesson for your future. Set your goals, figure out the hurdles you may have to face, reframe your goals, have a Plan B and go for it wholeheartedly. If you fail at it , don't be harsh on yourself. Instead consider your failure as a challenge and face it bravely ! Celebrate your failures just as you celebrate your successes!

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