Smartspeak —The Language Bubble

Learning languages has never been easier and fun! Break the barriers of communication with Sindhu Varma!


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Sindhu Varma
Schedule: 1.45 hour per day for 10 days
10 Topics | 17.5 hours


Level: Beginner

Medium : English 

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

What you’ll learn

The course is not designed just to teach English language. It is about YOU communicating with clarity what you want and getting desired results.

Who can learn

Anyone who understands English language above 8 years of age


Industry relevance and need

Communication course laden with activities, games, fun and stories. 

Skills to be acquired 

  • Enhanced vocabulary, better grasp of grammar, pronunciation and spelling

  • Self awareness, confidence, basic etiquette, emotional maturity, societal values & interactions

  • Broadened literary horizons with world stories.

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Course Delivered by

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Sindhu Varma

Founder of Lanista 

Sindhu Varma is the Founder and Chief facilitator of Lanista Training Consultancy. A certified (NLP) Master Practitioner and Trainer from NFNLP, Florida, She has facilitated public programs based on NLP for Entrepreneurs and Management teams to bring about transformational changes in their thinking, subsequent actions and results. She also opens up new paradigms for participants seeking excellence in Business Communication skills and Leadership skills.


Course Curriculum