Step into the World of Game Development

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Take a journey into the world of game development! Explore the endless opportunities that await you in virtual reality, and learn the basics of how to create one for yourself!


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Shuthi R Mohan
Schedule: 1 hours per day for 17 days

4 Topics | 18 hours

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you'll learn

  • Travel through the pipeline of game development

  • Go behind-the-screen and understand the process of developing a game

  • Hear the stories behind the creation of some of your favourite games!

  • Learn PC building, level designing, 3D modelling and texturing.

  • Acquire the ability to develop a small-time game

  • Insight on how to bring your idea or concept to life

Who can learn

Anyone with an avid interest in the world of games and virtual reality!

Industry relevance and need

  • Market size: $160 Billion (Game industry)

  • The Game Industry is exponentially growing and Game Engines have gone far beyond just making games. The growth rate of game developers and AR/VR engineers have never been higher.

  • Learning a game engine makes you capable of making any kind of application across any platform. Almost all Augmented and Virtual Reality applications are made using game engines. Specific VR games have been developed to help autistic children learn better. VR simulations of the heart and other body parts have been implemented in medical schools to give students a better understanding of the human body.

  • Job opportunities for Game Developers are prevalent in the Game industry while there is a spiking demand in the IT Industry as well.

  • Top companies: Epic Games, Rockstar Games, EA Sports, Unity3D, Xentrix studios, and MPC.

  • Companies hiring game devs in Kerala: EY, Nissan, UST Global, Toonz Animation, InApp, and several startup firms.

Skills to be acquired

  • Basic programming skills

  • Game Development

  • Level designing

  • 3D modelling and texturing

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A good PC, with at least 6 GB RAM, i5 processor above 4th gen, 4 GB graphic card, and a good cooling system!


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Shuthi R Mohan

Game Development Genie

The 17-year-old founder of Hubstreet & Game-con, Allianz Ideathon Winner, Winner of Several Innovation Challenges is a VR, Game Development & Unity Expert. He won the Allianz Ideathon Challenge by competing against startups, companies and corporates at the age of 14.

Course Curriculum

Topic 1: The Hard &Soft Story
Module 1
The Parts.
Module 2
The Details.
Topic 2: Basics of Game Dev
Module 1
A Brief Intro.
Module 2
Designing a Good Game.
Module 3
Level Designing.
Module 4
The first step into programming.
Topic 3: 3D Modelling and Texturing
Module 1
3D Modelling
Module 2
Texturing and Shading
Topic 4: The Market
Module 1
The Market.