Step Up your Game - Impactful Communication program

Step-up your communication skills! Learn how to effectively communicate and win others


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Sindhu Varma
Schedule: 1.45 hour per day for 10 days
5 Modules |  17.5 hours

8 AM to 10 AM or 8 PM to 10 PM

Level: Beginner

Medium : English

Reach us @(+91) 79942 11666

What you’ll learn

The course is not designed just to teach English language. It is about YOU communicating with clarity what you want and getting desired results. It is about knowing your priorities, crafting your words to gain maximum advantage, putting across irrefutable logical and convincing arguments, getting your ideas accepted, giving and receiving constructive feedback and evolving as a masterful communicator.

Who can learn

Anyone who understand English language above 12 years of age.


Industry relevance and need 

Communication is the backbone of each and every transaction that we do  - be it verbal or non verbal. Hence a person who masters the art of communication is the one who makes great strides in their career, enhances his/her spiritual/mental quality of life and evolves as a leader in his/her domain.
For a person to get a good job, for a teacher to impact his or her students and get best results, for the parents to mould their child into an exemplary human being, for them to gain their child's trust - empathetic and insightful communication skills are required.
This is also helpful to students/graduates who are appearing for interviews, facing important exams and need to sharpen their skills.
Working professionals who would like to move to the next level are welcome to this course as it will amplify your chances of success at work by honing your communication and other related skills.  

Skills to be acquired 

Confidence, self awareness, self motivation, focus, power of words, clarity of thought and outcomes, nonverbal cues of communication and enhanced emotional intelligence.

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Sindhu Varma

Founder of Lanista 

Sindhu Varma is the Founder and Chief facilitator of Lanista Training Consultancy. A certified (NLP) Master Practitioner and Trainer from NFNLP, Florida, She has facilitated public programs based on NLP for Entrepreneurs and Management teams to bring about transformational changes in their thinking, subsequent actions and results. She also opens up new paradigms for participants seeking excellence in Business Communication skills and Leadership skills.


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