The Little Python Coders

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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.


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Sreedevi A H
Schedule: 1 hour per day for 21 days

4 Topics | 21 hours

Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you'll learn

​Python phases, data types, Functions, control statements, loops, Python modules, User input defined, Files and classes

Who can learn

Age 12+ Who knows C basics

Industry relevance and need

Python's applications are getting increased day by day. 1000's of applications being developed in Python. Most of the Industries are depending more on Python. Example Applications like Web and Internet development , Scientific and Numeric Computing, GUI's and apps in desktop and mobile devices, software development, Embedded projects, Robotics, AI, Machine Learning etc.

Skills to be acquired

  • To develop a strong basics in Python Scripting.

  • To develop student's critical thinking capabilities and logical learning methodologies.

  • To start the core Python career.

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Course Delivered by

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Sreedevi A H

Founder & Global Director at STEM Robotics Internationals 

Sreedevi HA is a M.Tech graduate, a passionate trainer in most of the coding application and software development areas. She believes that children engaged with coding activity will in turn develop logical and creative skills.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Python Introduction & s/w setup, Variables
Module 2
Data types - Numbers, String, List, Tuple, Dictionary
Module 3
Functions- Structure of a function , required arguments default arguments, variable length arguments, The anonymous functions, the return statement
Module 4
Python Control statements and loops - If, for, while, range{}
Module 5
Break and continue, pass statement
Module 6
Python modules - Using from import statement , Using from import *statement
Module 7
User input in python - Reading keyboard inpiut, The raw input function, The input function
Module 8
Files - opening files, closing files, File positions, Rename, edit files, directories in Python
Module 9
Classes & Objects in python - Creating an object in python, Destructors in python , Object Inheritance , Motor control using Raspberrypi , Gaming development - Write logic to develop - rolling a dice