The Power of Voice


Understand the magic of the voice and make it work for you. The Program would elaborate on breathing excercises, specific reading and speaking techniques and expose you to the world of voice

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Kriss Venugopal
Schedule: 1 or 2 hours per day
11 Modules | 21 hours


Level: Beginner

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you’ll learn

  • Unlock your true voice with the right voice exercises.

  • Learn vocal warm-up techniques.

  • Understand the various voicing techniques

  • Hone your recording skills

  • Express your emotions effortlessly

  • Learn to stress and modulate your voice. 

  • Explore the types of voices

  • Discover the secrets of script reading

  • Get tips and tricks to harness your inner voice.

Who can learn

Any passionate individual between the age of 15 to 55.


Industry relevance and need 

  • Unlock your true voice with the right voice exercises.

  • A lucrative field where your voice is your identity. The power of the voice dominates our life in ways we possibly can’t imagine. We remain oblivious to its presence in our lives. From advertisements to the moving voices of characters in our favourite film, life resides in the modulation and usage of the voice of the artist. The potential of voice dominates in the theatre and film industry, ranging from a voice artist, dubbing artist, presenter to an emcee and more. 

  • Expand its applications to everyday life, strong and confident voices have its appeal in presentations, anchoring, reciting, and public speaking. The possibilities are unlimited and the scarcity of powerful voices makes it a niche field to explore for those who think they can and have a passion for it. 

Skills to be acquired 

  • Voice Clarity

  • Nuances of radio commercial voice-overs

  • Voice-over Skills

  • An understanding of scripts and passages

  • Communication ideas

  • An overview of voice warm-ups, recording studios, different aspects of voice-overs, and voice techniques.

Curated by 



Course Delivered by

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Kriss Venugopal

Voice and Media Expert

Kriss is an actor, voice artist, voice coach, and dubbing artist. Never limiting himself, he explores all the realms of his interest. He’s a media personality and stage compere (MC). He’s a singer and a soft skills trainer. He has authored his own books. 

Kriss is also a clinical hypnotherapist, consultant psychologist, and motivational speaker. And that’s not all, he’s currently a student of transactional analysis and NLP, and a student of law. 

Kriss Venugopal A.K.A Kriss Iyer is a person that follows his passion, so he dedicated his life to live his dreams (As many as he could, at the least). 

Kris Iyer

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Industry exposure
Module 2
Basic understanding of sound and voice
Module 3
Voice warming and breathing exercises
Module 4
Basic emotions and use of air
Module 5
Stresses and intonation
Module 6
Voice clarity and exercises
Module 7
Radio commercials
Module 8
Recording Devices
Module 9
Studio recording basic
Module 10
Other recordings - TV dubbing
Module 11
Emceeing basics