The Universe and Us!


Outside the shield of the atmosphere that protects us from the dark space beyond lies multitude of worlds, undiscovered and hidden! Uncover the secrets of the Universe and learn about the incredible world outside of the Earth!


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Anand Narayanan
Schedule: 1 hour per day for 15 days

4 Topics | 15 hours

Level: Intermediate

Medium : English and Malayalam

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What you'll learn

Learn the basic concepts of the Sun, the Moon, and the stars using sky simulations and stargazing! Through this course you will learn:-

  • The science behind the Sun—sunrise and sunset, the moon, and the stars.

  • Movement of celestial bodies across the sky with respect to time.

  • Every day

  • Over a course of days

  • Monthly

  • Yearly

  • The captivating constellations of the night sky.

  • The waning and waxing of the moon.

  • Eclipses and Ancient Indian Calendars

  • Stars and light-years simplified!

Who can learn

Ideal for students from 5th grade to 8th grad

Industry relevance and need

Benefits of Learning:

Fascinate your children by unveiling the secrets of the Universe! Build their curiosity about the world around them. Take them on a journey to perceive more than you can see. Learn about the mysteries of the Universe and our interactions with them every day through virtual simulations!

Skills to be acquired

  • Concentration

  • Attention to detail

  • Insight into the Sun, the Moon, the stars, etc.

  • Scientific inquiry

  • Reasoning Skills

  • General Knowledge

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A keen and curious mind!

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Course Curriculum

Module 1
The Sun, the stars and the Moon Sunrise and Sunsets
Module 2
Movement of celestial objects on any given day, over the course of days, months, and a year.
Module 3
All About Constellations!
Module 4
The Waning and Waxing of the Moon. The changing shape of the moon How to predict the rise and set of the moon on any given night
Module 5
The cyclical patterns in the sky and ancient Indian calendars
Module 6
Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon
Module 7
Stars: The burning Balls of Gas
Module 8
Distance from the Earth to stars and the concept of a light-year